2 international artists in a row!

24 august: Japanese drummer Ryosuke Kiyasu + Danielle Liebeskind + Broken Toaster Records

9 september: The Viking Moses (USA) + Dan Hair

Keep posted for more information here!

ryosuke kiyake

Ryosuke Kiyasu started solo snare drum performance since 2003. he has played solo performance shows in USA, Canada and Korea. also he is known as drummer of his leader’s band SETE STAR SEPT, KIYASU ORCHESTRA and Keiji Haino’s band FUSHITSUSHA.

viking moses photo: Pim Rupert @ WSP Utrecht, 2006

Viking Moses (or The Viking Moses!) is a band fronted by Brendon Massei, an American songwriter noted for being on tour since 1993. Founded in 2003 and currently based in Baltimore, the group features a rotating cast of musicians. Viking Moses has worked with the Alan McGee’s Poptones record label as well as Portland-based Marriage Records. Viking Moses has toured with Scout Niblett, Phosphorescent, Little Wings and The Shivers. 


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